Thursday, October 02, 2014

So what are they up to now ?

Since 2008 we have watched two separate ministries grow, Jenish, with his desire to help the homeless, and Emma as an advocate for the kids who would otherwise have no one.  In the presence of all of you, we have seen these two ministries come together in an amazing way.  
There are so many that have been touched by the work and perseverance of these two. Here are a few photos from over the last few years.   



Jengish and Emma taking some of there kids to the movies for Emma's birthday

to see more stories and some videos showing the work with the homeless please follow this link 

70 % of children leaving an orphanage will be dead, in prison, or be involved in prostitution or drugs with in one year .  Jenish and Emma have seen the statistics and are making a difference.
We currently have over 40 students that we support with scholarships including tuition and/or cost of living. There are a few programs out there that help with at risk youth but the majority of them are looking for students with a high aptitude and the ability to maintain good marks and a balanced life. Not everyone is scholarly and able to study and after grade 9 or training school there are few opportunities to get work for a 16 year old.
 Emma and Jenish are trying to help these people for one simple reason; 
 " Because it is the right thing to do" 
A street person and a timed out orphan have a lot in common. They will both mess up a dozen times before they get it right .. and the tricky part is to help them through this, celebrate their successes and let them know that you are there for them and in doing so create a feeling of security not dependency.

One of the ways that Emma and Jenish plan to do this is with a farm/center where those they are working with can learn life skills, and good work habits.  A farm where they can learn a skill, where there is no hand out but a hand up.  Rather then kids living on the street or under a stair well, they will have a warm bed, and hot meals. But most of all a place where they can grow and matter what age they are. 

This week we have taken the next big step in fulfilling the dream that they have had. The ministry now has a two year lease on a great little property in a quiet village about 20 minutes into the mountains.  The property comes with a huge garden a large home with room for about a dozen students and an administrator.  There are also several out buildings with room for sheep, goats, cows, chickens, rabbits and you name it. The property is also 15 minutes from the cow barn we are working with in the mountains and about 15 minutes from the fields that Jenish and Emma now own.

View from the garden. (these are sugar beets growing in the foreground)

the main house 

Emma is imagining all that this center will be able to offer her kids 

 We have all watched the work and lives of both Jenish and Emma over the years and so many have said what an awesome ministry team they make. We watch with excitement as they continues to grow. At the current time, apart from about $50 a month in designated sponsorship, Emma and Jenish have been supported through the general fund of actofkindness.
This means that there are times when funds are simply not there. and its difficult to live on $50 .  We believe that it is time that we find sponsors that will come along side them as a couple and share in the burden that they have by helping us provide them a designated salary that they can depend on. One less stress in their lives so they can focus better on the task at hand. 

Please consider signing up for a monthly sponsorship. You can use the link on the side of the blog and if you are viewing this from an email, please use this link to find the donate buttons. 
You can be a part of this great work here, and know that you are making a difference every day in the lives of those who have fallen through the cracks. Emma and Jenish can be your hands and feet to accomplish this.

Emma ... Out standing in her field !

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