Friday, October 10, 2014

A little attention goes a long way

Home work club continues to be a real blessing to the kids at Bacute orphanage.  Five nights a week Kamala and a helper go to the orphanage and work on homework with all the kids .  Days that they do not have homework, Kamala gives them reading assignments to work on their reading skills .. It is incredible how well the kids are responding to this .. it is more then just homework help. it is someone devoting time to them .. they love and crave the attention 

Emma and Uri 

Kamala helping with a reading assignment 
 Today was the last day of work at the clinic for 10 days . Vlady is going on a medical conference to Turkey with Dr Tatyana .. hopefully he will have a well deserved rest.  Our man power issue seems to be over, now we have mare workers then we need as people have started to come out of the wod work.. As they have come to us for help now that it as turned cold , we are able to give them work.. For the next 10 days we will try to keep them buisy at other jobs as long as we can aford it until Vlady returns.  Tomorrow they will be going out to Larisa's house to work in her guarden for the weekend . 

Baktagul goes to the medical school beside where we are building the clinic, and today I looked out the window, and she was there to say hello and to see the progress.. I think a lot of people are starting to get excited about this project 

Turned the corner and placing the finall window.   We have a couple days pouring the sizmic belt around the top, then it will be inside work after that ..   It will be nice to be out of the cold and rain .

We got out the hats and mits and scarves today as well as some winter clothes we have been gathering up , also picked up an order of blankets from Aigoola 

Tomorrow we will have kids measured for coats, and those we do not have cotes for, we will start having them custom made.  It will be $20 for a good warm winter coat.. same as one of Aigoola's awesome warm winter blankets.  Anyone that would like to be a part of this blessing, you can sponsor a coat or blanket right here for just $20.    Our friend Kristy asked her friends to donate for her birthday, and she has raised enough for 15 coats. 

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