Monday, March 09, 2009

YES ... check out the Thermometer !

I just updated the new totals onto the Thermometer... how cool is that ... maybe you are saying..."he is not there yet, why is he so excited ? " ...well let me tell you... 4 tickets and 4 visa's and a bus from the airport to the apartment comes in at $7946 that means that our way is paid. We have Julies pay that will cover our food and personal expenses, Ed is giving us the use of his apartment for free...what a blessings... so we are now at the most exciting part of any fund raiser... we are at the point that with basic expenses out of the way, any donations we receive from this point on will be able to be used to bless others.... I guess this is the point that I have a sudden liberation when it comes to asking for support... I think of kids like Tanya here on the right , waiting for us to return... and the difference we will be able to make in their lives...

I was talking with Sam at PI, and arrangements have been made to continue to get funds transferred over to us once we hit the ground, so it's never to late to make a difference... and with still 4 good days of fundraising left before we leave... We are pumped .

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