Friday, March 27, 2009

Shop till you Drop

I have so much to say about this, but you must forgive me, we are falling so far behind in our posting... we have been having 3 sometimes 4 events a day, and I have only been able to get a couple each day posted....and that said, I have 2 buses coming in 45 minutes to take one of the orphanages to a special day in the capital city, and we are not sure yet which I guess it is not our time to know, if they decide to open, we will be going to the amusement park, if not we will be going bowling.... I guess it will be a surprise for us all....

Yesterday we went shopping with the kids from the orphanage and a few extras .. they each had $50 to buy new cloths.... This photo is what is so great about working for PI

One of these boys is sponsored , and one is not..... yet they all got to go.... ...but yesterday, he felt special ... In the last few days, we have heard things like "No one has ever been nice to me before" , and " It is so nice to have a choice" or from another not in the orphanage ... he said " I was at the bazaar this morning to buy cloths, but after I bought food, I had no money "..... and from the looks of him, he has not had a lot of food. I will try to catch up a bit this afternoon....

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Anonymous said...

Thank you all for helping cure one of the worst deseases in the world "to be not wanted by anyone"


Dan and Ingrid :()