Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Another banana party...

We were a the Baby orphanage this morning. It sure was fun to play with all the kids. We have been asked today not to post the photo's of the kids. so unfortunately I am only allowed to share the photo's with the Banana party sponsors...... I will try to get those emails out later today... right now we have an apartment full of kids from the orphanage that are here for some shopping and to help us set up for a baby shower for Christina... But here is a little tease .. Hannah is sitting here dreaming of taking this little girl home with her.....
Jody was off to the kitchen and met with the dietary supervisor for the orphanage.. she saw all the daily reports for each child and the total intake of vitamins protein etc.... she was very impressed with how well everything was organized and how clean the kitchen was.... then as a special treat, they sat her down and gave her a bowl of food for her lunch..... And they gave me a hard time for sucking on the breathing machine at the last orphanage.
I will post some more updates from the rest of the day tonight when the kids leave. ... Oh just remembered that we are invited out for supper tonight after the party... OH my... I think we need a few more days in a week.!!


Carol Wessel said...

You are so brave Jody!

Anonymous said...

Brave - So were you John, for sucking on that machine. I might give you a hard time myself - Your Mother.

Dan Bailey :) said...

Ah...the baby orphanage...probably the best place to visit..ever!...this place is where you need to be brave, it will feel like your heart has been ripped out when you leave there... If for no other reason, this is why supporting this ministry is so important.

Much as missions is work..its actually a calling on your lives.

As Brooke Fraser sings

"now that I have seen, I am responsible. Faith without deeds is dead"

Praying that your continued blessing of the widows and orphans bares the sweetest of fruits......transformed lives.

Dan and Ingrid :()