Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Google ad club

We decided what to do with the first batch of Google ad club money. We had to get the paper work in order for Altynai's family to stay at the orphanage because with all the new rules coming in for the orphanages, more paper work was needed. So Sergey had to take Altynai to see her parents to get them to sign the papers. We wanted to let them know that we are concerned for them as well, and also give Altynai a chance to help her family... so on the way, they stopped and picked up food and supplies for them.We also sent some quilts we brought from Canada that were donated to us as well as a new pillow from the Bazzar. While they were heading for the capital city, we headed to the village... we went to the village orphanage to visit a couple of our sponsored children . Tanya is a girl that we had worked with in another village, but could never get her to smile, but today when she walked into the room and saw us, there were smiles all around. We are going back to see them again tomorrow. Big Izat is another child from our sponsorship program. When we first met him, he was like a Farrell child. By the end of our last stay, he was making incredible progress, but was still not able to function in school. He was sent for testing and it was determined that he needed special schooling... something this orphanage could not handle... There were two choices for him... the one village has a fantastic director that does some incredible things with the kids, but it is too big.. we new this village and we knew Izat, and new that there was just no future for him there. The other village is incredible... by all standards... they have lots of staff and a fantastic program for disabled and children with learning disabilities.... it is a well run and a loving home.
The problem is that it was full with a waiting list, and financially strapped. We made some phone calls, and because of the relationship we have and the support the PI sponsorship program has given the directors of that orphanage in the past, there were some calls made and Izat was excepted... Today was the first time I got to see him in his new school...After visiting his class, and seeing him do some math problems for us, we went into another room with the director. I started out trying to thank her for taking him in and making the investment in his life, but about 5 words in , I lost it and started crying , I felt like an idiot, until I cleared my eyes and saw that everyone was crying including the director... I guess it is confirmation that this orphan is not alone. While we were in the village, the girls were back at the apartment, scrubbing potatoes for the stew we were cooking for the town kids for supper, as well , they met up with Laura from the village, and took her out for lunch.
Julie, Jody and I went to check out a new project we heard about....
There is a friend of Laurisa's that has just opened a home for Seniors. There are many seniors that do not qualify to go into a nursing home, so the live on the streets... this friend has a burden for them. She has 4 women and 2 men living there now... The building is in good structural shape, and the rooms she is using now are very clean, but in need of more and better furnishings... The potential here is beyond belief..One of the Seniors has just arrived... she was so happy to be there , but was very distressed... you know when you can hold it together until the crisis is over or until someone is nice to you, then you loose it. The building is in need of a heating system and water... as you can see in this photo, the building was a Kindergarten The difficulty here is that if we do work on the building when it is a rental, they will put the rent up or kick them out... We inquired about the ownership of the building and found that we could purchase it for about $7000 dollars... for the whole thing, both sides ...including a large lot for gardens and with fruit trees. Over the next couple weeks , I will look a little more into what is going on there. One thing that they were so excited to show is is that they were setting up a library for the guests. you can see below this is Larissa with her friends , and the library behind them
At 4:00 we headed over to the town orphanage were we cooked the most incredible stew... I did not have time to let the beef cook all day.... the solution... PRIM RIB.... and no one deserves it more then such a fantastic group of kids.

Oh ya... at some point through the day we stopped by so Hannah could wash her hands at the water tap in the village that she helped raise the money to put in.... or at least I think that was today....


Carol Wessel said...

I wasn't even there and I am crying about the seniors residence. I have felt badly about the condition of my mother in law's room in a nursing home in Ontario. Now I am ashamed! We have it TOO GOOD. Jody, it must be so hard for you to see this compared to where you work. It is not fair. Hope you can do something to help. We are praying for you all and that God will direct your steps as you bring the love of Christ to all.

Cindy LaJoy said...

John, the senior center is a must...the potential there is too great! Keep at it, then let's see what can be many seniors can be housed there? Can it generate any rental income to help support the seniors? Is there any other potential retail space there that could be rented out?

Dan Bailey :) said...

You are not letting the grass grow under your feet there at all:)
The Seniors home looks promising as well. Starting to hear the mountains rumble again!
Prime Rib I'm really wishing I came with you:)
Hannah...the camera being broken in an orphan mob.....worth every penny and more.......

Dan :)