Monday, March 23, 2009

Ancient Cities of Central Asia

Here is a little bit of information I was able to find about the Buranna tower , yesterday it was overcast so you could not see the mountains, so I have included a photo from another visit.

Central Asia is rich with history , One of our favorite locations is the city of Buranna the site of the Buranna tower . The story here is that an ancient king was given a word from a profit that his daughter was going to be killed... to keep her safe, he built the tower and locked her in the top... the storey goes that one day a basket of apples was delivered to her and in it was a spider that bit her and she fell into an everlasting sleep.... There are many other twists depending on who you talk to , but many say that this is the birth place of several Fairy tails such as Repunsal and Sleeping Beauty. Today the tower is less then half it's original size , but you are still able to climb to the top... many believe that if you make a wish, when you reach the top, the spirit of the kings daughter would grant you that wish.

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Jes said...

My travel companion and I were at the Burana Tower on the 22nd!!! It was beautiful!