Thursday, March 19, 2009

How did you know about me ?

Do you remember this photo ? This is Kamalla . She is a beautiful gifted young girl that is studying at the institute. To see her storey you can check out the iam1ru scholarships .
We have been helping her for a couple months now. She is one of those people that without our support, she just would not eat..... this we found out the hard way. We sent some money to her last month just when she had run out of money, then just today she ran out again... We had her come to the apartment for supper, and gave her the food money and a small present.... She was so shy, and so incredibly close to tears.... she asked how did I know about her... she had not told anyone about her need, nor had she asked for help.... she was too shy. I told her that it was my job to know! she was scared to take the money as she had no way to pay it back... I Told her that she was to study hard, and to graduate and get a good job, then she could find another promising young girl that needs help, and that she would know what to do.
Kamalla will be with us tomorrow as we bring food to the people living in the dump, then helping out at a learning centre operated by our friend Olga . It will give her a chance to practice her English if she gets over her shyness enough to speak. besides, it will give her a chance to get a better understanding of what we do.
I remember a good friend of ours telling me about the difference between proactive ministry and reactive ministry.. Reactive is when someone asks you and you respond.... help is almost expected , but proactive is when you identify a need and meet it .... He told me that this is the most powerful form of ministry...We saw that today ... now I just need to find someone to continue her sponsorship...

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