Thursday, March 19, 2009

A special thank you to the dietary staff at the EGH in Espanola

Well, it is a snowy day here in town! We woke up to a beautiful blanked of snow. We were off to the market to buy fruits for a banana party for the children at the hospital in the village. Bananas are such a special treat here and the children were thrilled to have a banana, an apple and an orange - three fruits and only two hands what a great problem to have! A special thank you to the dietary staff at the EGH in Espanola who provided funds for this special event. I visited this hospital last time I was here in Central Asia and the director told me at that time that he received $1.00 per day per child as a food allowance. You might think that is a lot of money for a developing nation however bananas cost $2.00/lb and a loaf of bread costs about 50 cents
The director of the orphanage toured us around and showed us some of the equipment that they have. John was brave enough to receive a treatment similar to what the children would have when they had a cold.

We even ran into a few kids that we knew from another orphanage on our last visit.


Dan Bailey :) said...

Now, good job you explained what that was, for a moment I thought it was a thermometer, a rectal one :(

Great to hear Acel's voice again.

Also, great to see how bright the kids faces are now.........thats what HOPE brings......its brings the rain (and snow) in the desert.

So proud of you all,

Dan :)

Ann said...

Tears of joy and lack of words. These kids and their director have sparked a huge desire to bring hope to not just them but all. So glad you were able to be with them.


Anonymous said...

Who said that missions wasn't fun?

It is amazing what can be done when we all chip in as one.

Praying for everyone.

Pastor Ron

Freakshow said...

Okay...lets talk about that crazy machine.
John....buddy....forget the ions...oh my goodness.

G and K said...

thank you for the great pictures,the stories and the love you all have for the people in are always on our mind and our prayers go out to you.i wish i was with you gabriela and kelly

Ben Wright said...

Missions Trip Rule #457.4b - While traveling overseas, don't put any probes in your mouth, or any other bodily orifices for that matter.