Saturday, March 07, 2009

Woman's Day Celebration

Woman's day is a very special day in Central Asia... It is a day that all women are honoured. It is similar to our mothers day, but you don't have to be a mother to be a part.
Anya and friends have been busy this year. They have been traveling around to the orphanages and the families that we support, and making sure that this year they have something to celebrate.
Here is the report I just received from her.

Hi John.
I want sand foê you foto what we did in this week.
Kids from town orphanage can't wait to see you and new direcktor want to meet with you. I town orphanage maked BESHPARMAK, kids was very happy and we too :) We bout for kids the sleepers and gave gifts for workers. Boys showed the concert for all us. They sang the songs about mama, and is taught my heart, I try not cry ( and think every time how this kids sang about mama, they sang what they love her, what she is very special, they sang what her hands is very tender, and heart is very kind ......oh.) After boys gave for all girls and workers some gifts. And danced for all us.
My heart very happy to see how God work in this Orphanage. The workers said what this is ferst time for them what some gave gifts and did very good food for all kids and workers in woman's day... they all was grateful. This is you did, thank you John and thank your friends praise God what we can do joy.

Today I gave money you say for Talant and he bouy today food for Torat dog and cows.

God bless you.

Now for all you out there who are cooks and like to try something new

BESHPARMAK is a traditional Central Asian dish... it is often made and served at special occasions... it come From the local words BESH---five and PARMAK - fingers which means five fingers...this is because this dish is eaten with your hands or five fingers... It is very good... the pasta is made from scratch and the noodles are cut into long flat strips similar to fettuccine or Egg noodles. then on top is similar to a beef stroganoff... to make it, ( North American style) use about 2 lbs of well done pulled or chopped beef, 1 small can of cream of mushroom soup and equal parts of sour cream... heat it up and put a cup of it over a plate of fettuccine noodles.. I said North American because to make it traditional, add way to much SALT...oh ya.. a little bit of fat, skin, and hair still on the SHEEP as well.....

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