Sunday, March 22, 2009

She gets it.

We had the kids with us last night after Aipiry's birthday. Jengish and I took Torat and Becksolten over to Mr Hanks apartment for the night, and The girls all stayed in Ed's.
This morning we went to the Russian church. It was great to see lots of our friends there... many we had not had a chance to touch base with since we got to town.. All the kids were there from the town orphanage... David and Jayne and Lynn and Ruby and there niece Anne were there as well .
As we were sitting there, I notices something... it was so cute. All I would have to do is look at them and make eye contact and there faces would light up and there knees would buckle... We come from a world were we are all so demanding, and our kids require so much attention all the time, but for these beautiful children, all you need to do is look into their eye's, and they know that you care.
We snuck out before the service was done, and went over to the local church. I sat in church there in amazement... as I looked around I saw people that had been touched by the iam1ru sponsorships. This church has doubled in size since we left. Many have just started coming out as Hope and Dignity were restored Here I am with Kamala and Anvar. Kamala had a surgery that saved her vision, and Anvar is jut recovering from surgery on his face and nasal cavity that was also sponsored.

Even before the bandages come off, Anvar has started to smile again... something he has not done in a long time. He has missed a lot of school because of his family situation and his disfigurement... we will add him to the sponsorship program, and get him some tutoring so that he will soon be able to return to school...

Before I even saw Kamala this trip, her mother came to me to thank us for the help... with tears in her eye's, she explained how her daughter has had a second chance at life now that her vision has been restored.... I am so humbled to be able to be a part of bringing such joy to so many... All of you have been such a big part of that.

Julie took this photo this morning ... it is pure contentment......
After lunch, we gave out clothes to the kids, then Jengish and the girls took them to the Bazaar for a few things that they still needed .
Tonight we were invited to the home of the orphanage director. They cooked a fantastic meal, and we had a great time of fellowship ... Here they are showing us the room that had burned... they wanted to thank everyone so much for the immediate help when they were burned out .
They have lost all there summer cloths and their balcony has been completely destroyed. Anya was saying that in the middle of all this, her main concern was for the kids back at the orphanage. When I told her how thankful I was for how well she looks after the kids and how happy they are, she said "They deserve it" .... You know, she gets it!


Anonymous said...

John, Julie, Emma, Bekah and Hannah!

We are thinking and praying about you all. I look forward to the return of the fab 4 and then later for Johnny.

Blessings and favour!


Maria said...

John and family -- You all are the kind of representation of Jesus to the world that I can only dream of being. It's hard to visit your site -- honestly -- because I want to do SO MUCH more for those who are there and who are needing and hurting. I see the faces of the people from Ellie's country and my heart just BREAKS at the suffering and need. I am so glad you all are there and that in a VERY SMALL way, I get the opportunity to help.