Monday, March 16, 2009

Catching up with our friends

This is going to be a big photo post....

We started the day a little later today to give room for the jet lag. .. We headed to the village and a visit with The farm five, and the big mean dog. They were all waiting for us with a banquet ready... It was so great to see them all interacting as a family. It really is a loving home. I really noticed it with Turat... He was the boy that could not relax in the market and buy something for himself as long as his family needed food... I think this is one of the first times I have seen him relaxed and content with life.... We discussed his future plans for their farm... This summer they are expecting another calf, and are now thinking of selling last years calf to buy the winter food supply for the animals... He is thinking...... From there we went over to visit with Rahamee and her two Melika and Ruslan. They had a good winter, boy did those kids ever grow up.

Then it was off to Pastor Vera's to bring her some money and help for the seniors feeding program. Jody was right in there.. Here she is checking out the Borsh....T

There was a big crowd of people out... here you can see Hannah and Jody serving the soup.

Then Vera shared her vision... Around the back of the building, were they have an outdoor paid. The would like to put up 2 walls and a roof to make a bigger dinning room... then they will have a kids room there as well that will open out onto the playground.... Here she is showing us the location.... Now if anyone can pull this off, Vera and Oleg can... I asked how much this is going to cost. She said she did not know, but as money or supplies came in they will start building , and pray that it will closed in by the time snow flies.

From there we headed over to the orphanage... man are those kids cute ...and were they ever excited to see us.

It was so good to see Sophia and Altynbek ... there is just something about those eyes.

Then they gave us a tour around to show us all the work that they have done to the building.

We rushed back home for 4:00 so we could cook supper for Vlady and Dr Tatyna... It was so good to see them again. He always makes us smile. At 6 we headed over to the town orphanage with some cakes and presents for all the kids. There are 23 kids now... It was all we could do to hold it together.... It was so wonderful to be back with them all again.

Misha is here standing up on the left... He has his own apartment now. he is still going to school, and works nights as a security guard. He has one year left of high school, then on to college.... He was so excited when I was discussing with him about coming into the capital city with us to check out possible colleges
Here is the fantastic Five all together.... they are the happiest that we have ever seen them. and the great news, Aziz writes his test next week to go the the school that we have been trying to get him into .... the tutor has really paid off. then we all piled into the car and headed home...... Fred on the other hand, he had a severe case of jet leg, and slept the whole day... he finally hit the wall....we will try waking him up in the morning .


Anonymous said...

Okay, now you have my nose hurting again.
Awesome post, thank you for all that you are able to do there, I know it means so much to them when the rains come back.
Hope with flesh on it.
Pastor Vera has a nice size project in there :)
Blessings - Dan :) to Hannah :()

Drew and Rita said...

I am delighted you are once again where your heart calls home. The children are beautiful, every last one of them.

Anonymous said...

LOL I see you're just sitting around waiting for the jetleg to pass ...LOL

Just like Norwoodians .. hit the field running.

Proud and Praying

Pastor Ron

Freakshow said...

That crazy Fred! Missing out on all the fun. I am sure he will get some crazy fun in over the next few days! Keep up the good work Johnny!

Roger said...

Thank God for blogs and people who know how to "blog"; that's you John.
Thanks to you I get to see my lovely wife Jody.
Your posting and pics today are awesome. Jody is in her glory. After all she is surrounded by people she loves and food, two of her favorite things. What a blessing you all are.
Keep the blog rolling.

Lori said...

LOVING the pictures and the happiness everyone seems to be showing! It just warms my heart.

Now, that Fred...what are ya gonna do?


David and Jayne Schooler said...

WOW gang....can't wait to see everyone....five more days....thanks for the awesome pictures....we LOVE YOU ALL!!

Ivy Lee said...

I am so happy to see those familiar faces reunited with you! Please give Acel, Talent, Melodee, Davina, Vlady, Tatyana, Sergey and Anya big hugs from me and let them know Dylan is doing so so well, even Isar and his buddy :)

I'll be following along...

Anonymous said...

it has been a blast! God is soooo good! miss you Dad! thanks for all your prayers. love you all! ps. kinda broken...but it still takes pictures. it got knocked out of my sweater from the swarm of children running to hug us! ooops!
- hannah bailey!

Ann said...

Oh all those familiar faces and with smiles from ear to ear. Wright family,You are loved for your kindness all over the world. I am so glad you are there with the children who missed you so much. Please tell them all I say hello. And throw Big Mean Dog an extra bone for me!