Friday, March 20, 2009

Off to the dump

Today we spent delivering the yellow packets.... Each packet contains about $5 worth of food 1 kg of each or flour, peas, rice, pasta, and sugar as well as oil tea salt and some sort of grain that I don't recognise.
We had a few stops this day. Our first was to the family of a young girl that came to out door last night looking for help.... We told her that we would come visit her today. You can see Jengish and Altynai here with some of the family... there are 7 kids and a mother and father... the husband was out trying to find work ... he was a driver of large trucks between Central Asia and Russia, but has had no work since the economic crises, and the family is out of food and money... We gave them a packet of food, as well as some blankets and some crayons and markers for the kids . Another family we visited is a family of 4 kids and a mother... here is Laurisa with three of the kids... there baby sister was off with the mother looking for help. The baby is Hydrocephalus and desperately needs an operation.
Our next stop we visited the dump again. Here I am with Jengish and a few of the kids that are there . Jengish listens to their stories and tries to help them .... They seemed to open up to him, and shared that they were scared the Laurisa might be from the government and be trying to capture them... maybe they trusted Jengish more because of his age.... we were able to assure them that Laurisa was there to help.
This boy was warming his hands by the fire ....

Alynai right away asked if she could give him her gloves... he was very thankful,
We then brought out the yellow packs for everyone.

Then as happy as can be the boys headed for home.

Then by Stark contrast we headed over to the learning centre where another organization provides English classes and dance lessons as well as speech therapy and many other needed services.... we spent a couple hours with the English class, then after refreshments we provided, the dance class put on a concert for us


Dan Bailey :) said...

My goodness!..........what a day for you there. No wonder they watch for the day the rains return see and be in the midst of Grace.....powerful images, never to be forgotten. The majestic mountains in the distance with the reality in the foreground.....Altynai, how you shine all the way to Canada.

How you all shine...blessings

Freakshow said...

Okay... now I really wish I was there! That is crazy. You hand out yellow bags with some travel around helping is not big money to bring people hope. It is amazing what a "shot" of hope can bring. Be blessed Wright do indeed shine like the sun.

Roger said...

I echo Freakshow's comments. What a wonderful ministry you have started John! God is surely smiling. :)

Roger said...

I echo Freakshow's comments. What a wonderful ministry you have started John! God is surely smiling. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,
When I got my neighbour to take stuff to the dump the other day I was far from thinking that people might live there. I see that is a reality for people where you are. I commend you for what you do and wish that some day I can join you over there. Things are well here. Got the motorcycle out (Happy Dance). God Bless you and your work. See you at the Hut when you get back.
Blessings, John and Edna