Saturday, March 21, 2009

Thank you !

Thank you . I read all your letters . I thought that was Just a little girl in a small country and nobody knows about me. But now I know that people all over the world care about me. So now I feel that I am special. Thank you.
Today we went to the LUOKLATARTISH... (Pulling the Goat) it was fun ...

Then we went shopping and on to the Bowling . We had lots of friends join us Then we went to the metro for supper. It was really tasty. then we went back to the apartment and read all the emails for everybody.... we marked them on the map ... You can see them all behind me here.

Thank you every body.
Love Aipery


Anonymous said...

Aipery, wow 46 Bithday messages so far, and many more that would love to send you one but couldn't figuire out how to work the "comments" page:(
The important thing to know is that you are very important to this world. From California to Germany to Kyrgyzstan we know how much you are loved.
Blessings to the Norwood and Tokmok Team
Dan and Ingrid - :() (to Hannah)

Anonymous said...

Put another mark on the map! This is Hannah's grandparents in England sending Birthday wishes to Aipery, and love to all the team. We just love watching all your news. See you in June, Hannah!
John and Sheila.

Camilla said...


Gabriella and I held you up in prayer this morning that God may blanket you with his protection during your journey.

You are doing such an incredible act of love.

Stay strong in Christ and come home safely.