Monday, March 30, 2009

More shopping

If you look at the top of this blog you will see a photo of a small girl in the dump.... Since that time, our dream agent has Larisa been that working hard to provide a better life for these kids. Presently they are in one of the orphanages because they are having a difficult time with the paper work, and the current situation with the adoption process. In Canada there is a family that is partnering with her... I know this family well and I know their hearts. When they first decided to sponsor this family, I even tried to discourage them as I did not want to put a financial hard ship on their family, But over the last year, over and over again it has been reinforced with the power of philanthropy... the power to restore hope and dignity, and the power to change the world around us... and it all begins with a sacrifice.... Judy made that sacrifice with her family, and I am sure that if you ask her today, she will tell you that it was worth every penny and more. JUDY...... THIS IS FOR YOU


Freakshow said...

Okay...I just had a breakdown. Imagine...a year ago...hiding in a dump....trying to survive. Today buying a dress for a friend that has no sponsor.
Are you kidding me? That my friends is the power of an "everyday philanthropist". Way to go Judy...way to go John...may PI continue to give and go more than ever.

Mala said...

That is absolutely heart-warming! Thank you for all that you do!

Dan Bailey :) said...

To Judy - the smiles on faces of this family are directly related to your continued support, but more so, your love for them and the longing in your heart.......truly nose hurting....

To John, seldom do we see a man "on task" with the giftings given to you and I know not wasted, not one ounce or one second....we miss your presence.


Dan (do you like my new look?)

Anonymous said...

What happenned? You used to be so handsome!
brother don

Anonymous said...

I cannot tell you how I feel right now; I cannot speak for I have no words.....Thank you ♥