Sunday, March 15, 2009


After a short nap.....OK so we all fell asleep... we headed to see Acel and her family to reveal the surprise..Jody had spent a few weeks in KG, Jody and her Friend Gabriella here helping to do the fall preserves for the orphanage. In that time they developed a special bond with Acel ..In the past we have tried to get Acel and Jody connected over Skype, but all they could do was cry... so today, they took right up where they left off..
As usual, spontaneous parties seem to materialize where ever we go and today was no exception... There were special singers there and a big feast of pliof was prepared....
After a visit, we headed to the bazaar to prepare for our own party we had later that night... It was so good to see everyone again . For some it was just enjoying each others company, for others, it was a time of release after such a difficult winter...but one thing is for sure... we were all blessed to be together again.


We will be heading to the village in a few hours.... We are so excited to see everyone there as well... then after supper, we will head over to the town orphanage for another party with the kids.... I will post more shortly...... will be looking today to see the best way to use the Google ad club money. as it continues to grow.....


Hilary Marquis said...

Just thinking of how happy the kids in Orlovka and Tokmok will be to see you brings me to tears. If you can manage pass out a few extra hugs from us too :) Tell Acel and Talent that their daughters are BEAUTIFUL...and they remind me so very much of Anara!

Jes said...

What a moving video! Thank you for posting that :)