Sunday, March 30, 2008

Weekend in the capital city

We are in the capital city this weekend with the team from avp. They are doing workshops in the Chance drug addiction center here in town. They have been amazed by two things, one is the willingness of the people here to open up and share their life experiences, and the other is the severity of the problems that the people have faced... I am not sure if it is the fact that they are foreigners or the Project it self, but there seems to be a freedom that the people are experiencing.
Either way, they are making a great impact on the community. I was walking down the street yesterday in the capital city, and ran into people I know, and even sitting in Church today, I looked around and saw new people... It is kind of a strange feeling. I remember our first day in town, we walked into the Internet cafe' and the fellow at the door was so glad to see us, then it was old home week inside.Julie said to me ... "what ... do you know everyone in town"... well now several times in the market or on the street, I have turned to her and asked the same question.
Tomorrow we are off to Uxxx for a little more then a week.
I will try to post more from there.

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Praying for you while you are in .....