Sunday, March 02, 2008

Our Lovely Kitchen

These are before pictures of the kitchen. The floor is new, and so is the sink/cupboard unit. It is a very nice kithchen, it grew on me and in no time, I just love it. Going in to other peoples homes, seeing what their living area is like has made me love this place more and more each day.

So we went and had these cupbaords ordered and John and Emma put them up today. This one has food and dishes in it and beside it we put the picture up that Mary gave us to take. Putting it up was sort of was the finishing touch.
The other cupboard, above the sink is the cool way they do dishes. There are racks to put the dishes to dry.
We also bought a washing machine and a new fridge. I wanted to send the laundry out but we thought that it would be more practical for when other people stay here at Ed's apartment. That is also what we had in mind when getting a small fridge.
John picked out the metal rack for pots and our coffee bodum and mugs. So, How do you like our lovely kitchen?
The other work to extend the kitchen area to the sunroom balcony will begin with new windows and brick work and insulation. And that is for another day.
Do you like your kitchen so far Ed?


Anonymous said...

Julie I love your new kitchen!  My friend and I were in Ed's flat for about two weeks and we too began to appreciate its sophistication. Have fun cooking!

Anonymous said...

you look so happy! love mom

Lehmans said...

i love it..looks great and happy to hear you love it too..i kinda know what you mean when you say you go out and come back to appreciate what you have..makes me want to clean mine!!..keep sending pics..bye for now, Pat

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Anonymous said...

Look out Martha Stewart!
Looks like you are all doing great and doing what you set out to do.
We enjoy the postings! Thanks for keeping us updated on your progress. It warms my heart.

Kim Godwin