Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Oh Angela.....

There is a "hand full" that we face ever day at the village orphanage.... her name is Angela. She is so busy that she can drive you to distraction, but then usual... every one has a story, and once you know Angela's story.... you can't help but love her.
Angela's mother has serious mental illness and has epilepsy. By the time they were found, Angela was 4 years old, her mother was completely deaf and blind. At four... they figured that Angela had never been out of the house, and had no real up bringing. She could not speak and did not know how to interact with others.
Today after only a few months in the loving environment in the village orphanage, she is becoming a regular little child again... She even sings to herself now, and has started to talk. She has a short attention span and is busy looking for the next bit of trouble she can get into, but is always ready with a smile to give you a hug.
What is especially nice to see is how well the other kids treat her. The older kids have such patience and are so kind and caring ...... You know with a kind loving environment.... she may be ok.

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Hilary Marquis said...

That is so encouraging to hear, although it makes me want to take her home!