Tuesday, March 18, 2008

They are worth the fight

There really are a lot of people in this world that are doing all they can to make a difference. The financial support, the letters of encouragement have been unbelievable. For those of you who are not aware , there is a group of people out there that are making difference one life at a time.... Despite all the stress and the confusion of trying to coordinate international adoptions, they are working as an incredible "Life Line " of support for us... Almost weekly , there are families coming into Central Asia, bringing in needed supplies.... Anything to help the kids seems to be the motto . We have had opportunity to meet with them , and in some cases meet with their children prior to their arrival.
I am not going to share any photo's or names of these kids... that honour we will leave to their new parents., but I do want to tell you some of what we have been up to..in all our spare time...lol.
For the older children, They know for some time that someone is trying to adopt them ...some times they must go before the judge themselves and plead their cases.
The stress for these kids must be unbelievable... We can see the concern in their faces ... where are they going , what will their new life be like. They show us photos of their new families... and cherish things that their new families have left for them.
I think that it is really good that Emma and Bekah are here with us.. They can see, what for them would be a typical North American family .....(lol if they only knew...) But it helps them to relate. One of the girls that we visit, just told us last week that her family is coming for her this week...We are so excited for her. We have not met her parents nor do we know anything about them, but we know that they have a special little girl waiting for them... Emma and Bekah have been busy today framing a photo for her to take home with her of her friends at the orphanage.
If you are reading this and you have been considering adoption, or are into the process........ don't give up.... they really are worth the fight.

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Hilary Marquis said...

AMEN!!! Keep fighting, keep praying. God is in control and He is faithful.