Friday, April 11, 2008

Back in Town

Well the Wrights are back in Town... Soon All of town will know... at least thats the way it feels with the phone calls and people at the door. It is a nice feeling to be back.
We had a great time and accomplished a lot .I see that the posts I made from Xxxx did not make it onto the blog, I was hoping that they were not blocked. I will update with some photos and stories over the next couple of days. We did manage to get in a couple days sight seeing to one of the ancient cities. We even stayed in a hotel that was over 150 years old. Saw lots of the culture, learned a few new words, and even made it out of the country without incident.


don said...

Nice smiles. The snow is gone here.

Lehmans said...

glad you all made it back ok and i do love the is great..glad you had the opportunity to stay in a hotel that is 150 yrs old!! that..also love the colours of the one where the old gentleman is sitting..reminds me of morocco!!glad to have you back..sorry your blogs didn't make it..was to all

Karen D said...

Hi John, I'm writing for myself, Kat Howell and Ivy Lee. We would like to converse with you as soon as you have a minute. Would you please email Kat at She asked me to send you this message since she isn't able to post comments to your blog.
Thank you so much,
Karen Danner

Anonymous said...

Glad you're back safe. Been praying for you. We missed you. Checked the blog almost every day but there was no news. So it's good to hear that you are back. Love from Paula