Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Bekah...with an H.... Reporting In.

Today We went to the village orphanage. We delivered food, cleaning supplies, and medicine that was donated from a wonderful old couple from Millbrook Ontario. Hi Jenny!!When we got there all the children came over and helped us carry everything in. Along with bringing these supplies we also wanted to finish the stroying Scarves. We we got into the class room and about 15 kids came piling in, we realized they were all the wrong kids and that they had already heard that story. They were all so eager to do something, so we gave them paper and crayons and let them colour whatever they wanted and then we went outside and played some games. When we got out and playing it seemed like everyone had gravitated to the circle where we were.Thank you for the Game suggestions. If anybody has some games that would be good to play please tell us! The children have so much fun playing our games.

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Lehmans said...

heyy..Bekah..good for is a site you can check out for games and more

the first one seemed great so check those out..ok..all the best and keep up the good work!!