Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Not quite a A trip to Foodland.....

So, a normal trip to the bazaar is very exciting. The town market is much smaller and more manageable than the capital city one.The Dungen Chinese seem to have the best, cleanest vegetables and even dispaly them well and squirt water on them to keep them fresh. This is pretty much the choice we have, just repeated all over the market.

This beautiful Dungen woman is looking down and it kind of looks like she is sad. But no, she is on her cell phone. It is quite a contrasting culture. Look out for these guys running down the isles.

Noodle sales guys are happy to pose for a picture. Barley, Oats, flour, lentals and grains.

From the meat department to the baked goods , it's colourful, has lots of smells and is noisy with market day sounds.
This man is a splash from the past for John, selling a slice and dice veggie cutter, maybe John will get a job in Central Asia.


Anonymous said...

Hey John, Julie, Emma and Becka

Love the photo's and I remember the "bees".

Love and miss you all. Sitting in DE meetings and wishing I was in Kyrgyz. I will have lunch with Ed on Saturday. Looking forward to that. Let me know if I can send "anything" with him.

God speed and know you are "covered".


Lehmans said...

love the colours and how you showed all the different food groups!!..lol..anyways..not bad for choice of foods, though, eh?..glad that you have decent food available and you can cook your own..love the grains and spices as well..praying for you and your computer..you don't realize how much you miss till you can't use it anymore, eh?!! love to all, lehmans

Julie & John Wright said...

It's Bekah