Thursday, March 06, 2008

Cheese Burger day

Today was a dinner night at the town orphanage. In the morning Julie and the girls went to Asels house to make more slippers. I went to the market to buy hamburger... I learned a couple of things.... One is that I should only have been paying 10 sum not 50 sum to go to the Bazar... the other is that you need the faith of Peter to make your way around the streets here......All the puddles are cloudy, and you often have no choice but to step in them... they could be 2 inches deep or they could be 2 feet deep..... you just walk by faith........Oh Ya we also learned that our unlimited high speed is unlimited but you pay for it......OUCH...No more movies no more web cam....
I was able to find the hamburger ... meat is by the Kg and there is no difference in price for the cuts.... so we had prime rib hamburgers for supper tonight. I found a bakery two days ago and ordered hamburger buns for tonight as well..... so it was a bit of a crap shoot as to whether I would actually find the bakery again and then whether they actually made hamburger buns... All worked out .... amazing. The kids loved the hamburgers and fries, and Sergey is looking forward to one for lunch tomorrow. Julie is going to a chiropractor tomorrow.... another crap shoot. Dr Tatyana says that Julie is not going alone and that she is going to make sure that it is on the up and up.
Tomorrow I am getting a new laptop... $450 brand new...... maybe another crap shoot.
This Saturday is Womans day here. After a morning party at the orphanage we are hosting a womens day party for all the new friends and workers (women) here. We have arranged for manicures and massages here at the apartment.... the women are going to be blown Sammy would say it's going to be a freak show baby.....
I will be banished to the new kitchen..... someone has to cook!


Anonymous said...

Prime Rib Hamburgers, I can taste them now (sassuming its beef that is). Watch out for the puddles, never know whats in them, makes me wonder how much the manicures and pedicures will cost after the puddle jumping!! Great to hear that you are learning quickly the hard way, it will save us from having to when we get there, which we are eagerly looking forward to.

Miss all you guys, more snow here Friday Saturday yippeee!......not!

Blessings and Prayers

Dan :)

Lehmans said...

sorry to hear you are having trouble with the technology over there so am praying it all works out..much love