Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Generosity all round.

There are wonderful generous people all around the world, and we have had the opportunity to bring some of them together.
Many of you know Vlady ... he is one our drivers, translator and friend here in town. Well he has a wife that we have been blessed to know. She is a Dr. in town, specializing in heart conditions, but her caring heart has her helping with just about everything. We have watched as she tries politely to turn down a gift of a loaf of bread as payment, and tells the poor mother that she should keep it to look after her own family. Well Tatyana shared with us that she had only 8 blood sugar test strips left, and could not find ( or I would imagine afford ) more. She had been using them very sparingly. I came home and emailed to a wonderful group of people on an adoption yahoo group, and shared this need... in less then a week, we had supper in the capital city with not one but two families that brought the needed test strips... when we got home to the apartment, there was an email from our friend saying that a box of test strips had also been mailed to our Canada home and would be heading over with the next team in a week.... Well we got to bring the strips to Tatyana yesterday......Thank you so much to everyone that had a part in this blessing


Shannon said...

Awww seeing that picture makes me so happy! Thanks for sharing it - I'm very glad I could help.

Margaret & Tom said...

John, This is Tom and Margaret we met you briefly in Tokmok when we were there in February, I would like to bring some test strips if I can when we come again. What brand do you need? Please email me...Margaret