Sunday, March 16, 2008

Village little ones ... to the Park

We have set Saturdays aside for a "FUN" day . We have the bus rented for that day, and we plan to do things with the kids on a smaller scale.. meaning that rather then 45 kids we would have a more manageable group and be able to gear events to their age. Seeing as we had taken all the older kids to the capital city the night before, we decided that this week we would take all the little ones to the park. The same park where we hold a class on Fridays..... So much for the smaller group..LOL.
Along with supper we brought a box of 50 ice cream cones... 20 kids and a few helpers... 50 should be good.... Well the Friday kids all saw us as we arrived, and recognized the box... I had not anticipated that.... Sergey and I quickly ran out and picked up another 75 . We gave out 125 cones . after the kids were played out... and HOT ( it was about 80 in the sun) we went inside and played a few more games and had supper for them . They all had a great time.
As they all piled back into the bus, we realized that somewhere during the day, despite Esar staying with sight of the locked van , we managed to have 2 purses stolen. One of them containing important documents and passport of one of the workers from the orphanage... someone that could least afford such a loss. It will probably be about $200 to replace all the documents .... that is about 4 months wages for her ..... Its hard not to let something like this get to you... we will trust God to restore what has stolen.


Paula Kirkland said...

Dear John, Julie, Emma, Bekah,
I love the pictures of the little ones. I will pray about the stolen purse. Happy Palm Sunday! Love from Paula Kirkland

don said...

Nice pic of Bekah. No wonder I love her so much. Deb comes home from Pheonix today. Give Emma a hug for me. Keep smiling!