Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mesha Update

I got a call last night from Lena... She brings food to Mesha every day, and spoke with the Dr Yesterday... He says that his hands are fine now and his leg is safe and will not be lost... He said that the ideal situation would be to do a skin graft on the leg and it would do much better, but if not he can work with what he has .... I stopped and thought of what Danny might say.... "OUR GOD IS AN IDEAL GOD"..... so Lena will be here in a few minutes to pick up more money to cover this....$50..... can you imagine.... only $50 for a large skin graft. Maybe I can get a little time to go see him again tomorrow . I have some photo's coming on Friday, maybe I will bring him in a photo of the people that are praying and helping him.. I have heard that the miricals are found in the unexpected things.... do you think he ever would have expected a group of men on the other side of the globe to care about him.....


Dan Bailey :) said...


Great news, let him know that we will be over in the summer and expect him to play soccer with us :)

Keep well



Maria said...

Isn't God just MIRACULOUS the way He works. This is just the post I needed to read on Good Friday. Prayers for you my friend!