Saturday, March 22, 2008

On the lighter side

Yesterday the AVP team arrived from Canada, and we put them right to work.... It was a holiday and the park was full of kids so we bought each team member a case (75) ice cream cones and gave them a push..... 3 minutes later, 300 cones were gone....
We decided to go inside where it was not so hot ( ha ha ) and play some games... we had the bars across the doors and could only let in about 20 at a time so it would be managable, so we let the first group of about 60 in lol. and played some games.... After things settled down, Will had a little one-on-one time to share some photos with one of the kids...... keep your eyes on the bottom of his shoes.... Then tonight Sharon got out her camera after singing and playing guitar for the kids the town Orphanage for older kids. She had a blast.


ANDO said...

Happy Easter Day
I hope God Bless you all of your time
in every action that you made

Mint Man said...

I remember how big a hit a camera is from when I was at Orlovka & Red River. I can certainly understand what he went through. Lol

Anonymous said...

Oh ya Baby!! My Easter greetings to you and the team! Also greetings from the NPC family.

Keep up the great work!