Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Hello from xxxxxxxxxx

What a thrill it was today for Sam Welten, Ed Dickson and myself to walk into a baby orphanage with formula under our arms. At $100 per box it can be quite expensive. Thanks to St Pauls school in Norwood we purchased two and have left money donated from a couple at NPC for three more. While there the workers were thrilled to see us again and are always amazed that we keep coming back. The renovated rooms are amazing and the babies sooo cute. We also visited the Aids baby wing and were taken back by the wonderful children there who face a terrible battle from no fault of their own.Thanks be to God that they have some wonderful christian workers and government workers caring for them. Please remember them in prayer. Many of the children have cleft-palates (spell?} ... The surgery cost 700 US ... All they lack is the money.

I miss the team in Central Asia very much and think of them everyday. It is a very difficult thing to leave the team behind but as you can see in the blogs ... They are doing amazing under the leadership of John. It speaks to the quality of team we have representing us there.

Tomorrow we go to xxxxxxxxx to visit and see the work we send fund towards.I also have more funds and will see where they can best be used. xxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxx are thrilled to be hosting us and they send their greetings to everyone.

Supper at xxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxx home tonight with the Bishop.

Of course no trick or treating for us or anyone else in xxxxxxxxxxxx . :)



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npcmensmimistries said...

Okay if there's no trick or treating, you can take off those ugly masks :) LOL

Great to hear that the work at the orphanages is going well, you guys just being there, are a blessing for sure.

PS Dont worry aout the spelling, most of us cant read well enough to tell the difference :)

Blessings Dan