Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A Cry for Help

We are coming along great with the renovations at the village for Laura and her great grandma. It is so amazing how God works through us to flesh out His will. It is a great blessing for everyone of us on the team to be able to help the widows and the orphans; especially for me.
If you could, take a few minutes and ask someone to read this to you.
Close your eyes and picture a heaping pile of garbage, the pile that you see at the dump that reaks of rotting waste and sewage. Then picture yourself with your bare hands digging a hole the size of a 45 gallon drum in the side of the heap of waste. Then picture yourself laying your 5 year old daughter or son to sleep at nite in that hole. This is what this mother does every nite for her daughter and then lays beside her to try and keep her warm at nite. Okay Open your eyes!!!!
Now we have been able to somewhat provide shelter for this mother and daughter for a short while as we are renovating the house for Laura and her great grandma, but we are now coming to the end and we will have to send this beutiful little five year old and her mother back to the "hellish" dump they call home.
We have found an apartment that can be purchased for a $ 1000 US that will provide a warm and dry place for them to live. The other kicker is she has another daughter who is 7 yrs old that is deaf that lives at an orphanage to be trained in sign language. Her deaf daughter could then visit for six months at this new apartment and then can be sent back for more training.
So here is where we are at.........
We need to raise a $1000 dollars US to purchase this apartment which will be bought and owned by the chartibale foundation that we are working with here. So that' s where you come in, could you help us with a gift of $25, 50, 100......... or you may just be able to give the whole $1000.
We are only here till Tuesday but would love to let this mother know that she does not have to return to the dump and that the only crying that she will be doing is not for help but for JOY!!!
Evacuating the Dump one life at a time,
Dave Gatto

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