Friday, October 27, 2006

Update on "View from the top"

To our friends tuning in from Espanola and Milbrook I did not yet write about it, but we went out to the orphanage in the village. As I got out of the van and the kids saw me they came running and leeped up int my arms . The kids were so happy and the orphanage has such a joy and peace in it. It is so differend since the first time I came out to see them a year ago. It was somewhat overwelming to me. I guess until I saw it for myself, I never realy grasped the affect we had on them. In the last year these kids have not only learned what love is, they have learned to love. I know that is in large part because of the on going support of the workers here in Central Asia and the follow up of teams like Espanola . We had marshmellows over a camp fire, then cooked them a supper of Hot roast beef sandwiches potatoes and carrots. (I think this is going to become a tradition) I just pray that all the work we do over here would make even half the difference on an ongoing basis as I have witnessed in the village.
Tomorrow the team from Norwood will arrive and we are booked in for noon on Monday with all the kids from the village and town orphanages. The deal is that the park will be opened for all the kids and adults with them for $100. I then asked if that included there lunch? he said no, but that he would through in icecream for them all. ......Now thats a deal ..... thats about $1 well spent. The best part is that before this post was even on the blog, someone from Canada heard the plans and Gave the $ to Julie and said "I want in on this ". So this ones on you. Thankyou. (Photos to follow)
Blessings from the capital city.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that what we did last year had lasting effects.
All the credit goes to the Lord.
Keep up the good work.
Interesting to hear that Espanola was in Kyrgyzstan as well since Sudbury is my home town, right next door to Espanola.
Pastor Jamie