Wednesday, October 25, 2006


By the time most of you read this email Sergei and Anya will be told that somebody in Canada has given$5000 so that they can buy an apartment or house in town. Combined with the $3000Us They will get for their apartment you can only imagine the place it will get them. Then to top it off, they will be told that because of the generosity of someone else in Canada, the will receive a pay increase of $100 / month. Also for those in Ontario I will be speaking at Freedom Church on November 19th and I would love to see you there....we could even go out to a dinner after...maybe shashleek! lol! I will be giving a report about our trip. Then preaching up a storm with a dvd that will bring you to tears baby!Heard you got home okay...sweet....was that 10.5 hourflight a killer? Passionately Connecting Canadians......helping orphans and the elderly in their distress.....sammyweltenpi

This is a true blessing for us to whiteness . I have watched this couple over the last two years as they pour into the lives of so many in Central Asia They take such joy in being part of giving to others. It is so great to see them blessed.

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Dave W said...

Being part of the team that just arrived home from Kyrgyzstan and having spent 2 weeks with Anya and Sergei( along with Lena I call them the heros of the faith) the money spent to encourage these people for the cause is an eternal investement. I have seldom met such devoted people to the cause of James 1 v 27. Keep up the good work I miss you alot