Thursday, October 12, 2006

Day one in Town

We we landed in the capital city at 5:30 this morning , a little late, but a great flight. The plane was not very full so we were able to spread out. We drove to the foundation in town, and found our rooms and had breakfast. The team had an oppertunity to meet elder Yang, and to hear about his vision for the nation of Central Asia. We then went to the market to by some tools, and some other things that the team needed. We also purchased a washing machine and fridge for Lenya...a first for her... she was so excited. We will get some photos of them in her home. She will now be able to have a place to keep supplies she gets for the seniors. We found a new resteraunt in town. Very nice, we payed for the local staff as well as the team the team it was only 200 com for each team member (about $5) we also found out that a 1500 sum Tip is enough to make the server cry!
Tomorrow we will be starting on Two different projects. I will tell you more tomorrow, and hopefully have some Photos working by then.
Blessings John and the entire Missions 1:27 Team #1


Anonymous said...

Way to go Johnny!

Keep up the great work and we will see you in a couple weeks when we arrive in Kergy!


Anonymous said...

Nous sommes heureux de savoir que vous êtes tous bien arrivés.
Continuez de répendre le bonheur autour de vous, cettte planète en a bien besoins.

Faites attention à vous.

Cindy, Robin & Yéléna.

npcmensmimistries said...

John, you are my inspiration, (next to Jesus that is) You ahve a unique way of allowing people to experience the Holy Spirit without them even knowing it (YET!)

In prayer for you all, Blessings

Dan B :)