Friday, October 20, 2006

From Dump to Doma

In my last update I was telling you about Laura and her getting a new made-over home. During the reno's we have had a lady and her daughter staying at the home during the night to be sure things were safe. I thought the woman was getting paid a bit of money and was from the local church. I found out two days did the rest of the team that this lady and her daughter were living at the local dump as they were homeless. A couple of my team members flipped when they found out that we would have to send this lady (who by the way worked her "butt off" during the day with the team)back to the garbage dump. They had heard about this apartment that could be bought for $1000US...they decided...we need to buy it. So a post was made on our blog and between replies and team members here....we had the $1000US. However, the next day the apartment was sold before we got there.
Thursday evening a young man on the team (18 years old) came to me and said that they heard of a house that was for sale for $2500US and that he really felt that God was telling him that we needed to buy the house and that he would be responsible for raising the money. He told me Sergei (the leader of a humanitarian company we are working with) would give the difference and this young man could send him the money borrowed over the next couple months.
I looked at the young man and said, "Are you prepared to give the difference ($1500US) if you cannot raise one cent?" He looked at me and said "I am...God told me we need to buy that house!"
So yesterday I get a call (as the young man and a couple guys from the team were going to look at the house) and he tells me that they have bought the house....that it has its own well...lots of land with vegetables and fruit already growing on it and that the family is moving out by Monday...and that they got it for $1800US!!! He was pumped.
So yesterday after the party with Laura...she got her new house...that was wild in itself.....we took the team and the homeless lady and her daughter to the new house we just purchased. All the lady knew was that we had another makeover and we needed her to stay in another house for us.
When we get there....oh my should see the land on this piece of property....the house needs some work, but when you have had to dig a hole in a dump site to find shelter....this was going to be heaven!
After looking around the young man walks up to me and says, "So tell me how did I do Dad?" That's right, it was my son Scott by faith who stepped out. You can only imagine how this father was feeling as I walked around the property. It will be finalized on will be in Sergei's name.
So...we tell the lady that though she does not own the house....we need her to live in it over the next couple years and help us make it over. She did not understand at first....but when she did was wild!
We bought the chickens that were there...we bought the coal that was there....we negotiated that we would take care of the owners half of the closing costs with lawyers fees and such ($150US) and they would leave a bed, chest of drawers, a couple rugs and a few other things.
So what do you have here....
You have a 15 year old girl and her G3 that have a new made-over home.
You have a new house purchase and a lovely homeless lady and daughter with a new home with all the trimmings.
You have a team that walked in circles for about 35 minutes weeping.
You have an 18 year old young man who learned a lot about listening to God and taking a step of faith.
You also have an 18 year old that must raise about $1000US and/or come up with it himself.
At this point he does not care....he cannot wipe the smile of his face.
No pressure but if you want to help him(with any amount) you can email him at .....I am sure he would love to hear from you.
There is also a picture posted with this story on the blog

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