Sunday, October 22, 2006

Back to the Hospital

On Friday morning we returned to the hospital to speak directly with the orthopedic surgeon regarding the care of our homeless person, Anya. We had a wonderful meeting with him. He commented on how a light shone from us, and was surprised that we would come to his country from so far away. We had an opportunity to share our faith with him, and that Jesus desires us to look after widows and orphans, which is what we are doing in his country. We were able to bless him with 3 hockey bags full of medical supplies. We also told him that we were purchasing 20 new mattresses. There currently aren't enough mattresses for all the beds, and most of the ones there are very old and very stained. We've made a connection with the mattress factory in town which employs blind people. This blessing will work both ways!

The doctor is very passionate about his work and obviously does very good work. He took us on a tour of the many patients on his unit. Most have suffered traumatic injuries including crush injuries from automobiles, and falls from horses and buildings. He excitedly showed us patients who've had dramatic improvements under his care including a woman who had a skull fracture, and a couple of patients who had received care outside of Central Asia but returned to him as their treatments were unsuccessful. Patients have all sorts of fixation devices to assist with repair of their broken limbs. The doctor also visited Anya. He will have to rebreak her partially healed fractures as she didn't have treatment when she injured herself two months ago. This doctor has an excellent bedside manner, joking and talking with patients. Again, he is very passionate about his work.

Laurent, one of our team members is involved in construction and elevator installations. Remember the story about having to carry the homeless woman up 3 flights of stairs to the xray department? There is no working elevator in this hospital and there hasn't been for many years. Can you imagine people having to crawl up flights of stairs to get to their hospital room, for investigations , or to visit the doctor? Well, the elevator shaft just happens to be in the surgeon's office. It's been covered up as it's non-functioning. Laurent was able to open up and access the shaft. A new elevator can be installed but the hospital cannot afford to purchase one. What an opportunity for Canadians to bless the sick people of the town! While Laurent was walking around and having discussions with the doctor, he noticed that the doctor had a limp. The doctor was pleased to have Laurent pray for him.

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