Saturday, October 14, 2006

Break through !

It was a sight to see. You could harly move in the house today because there were so many from the village there helping. It was amazing . Here are a group of the locals with one of the men from the team. So thats how the story stands now, but now you need to know how it started.
When our friends here in Central Asia first started helping the girl with the great grandmother, the people in this small village started to get mad because they did not want our friends around because they are Christians. They got even more upset because they were helping this girl and not them, even though they are better off, not much, but better off non the less. When we first started there yesterday, they kept their distancee, and very few where around. Today when we got to Town, we had a bag of gifts for the kids, and even some small things for some adults. slowly the word spread and people began coming out of the woodwork. then the lid came off. some one came with a bag full of icecream cones and started giving them out to us and the local kids that gathered, and before you know it there where locals digging the hole for the out house, kids scraping paint of the floor, teenagers wheeling dirt around, and the ladies sorting and washing cloths and dishes. Like I say it was amazing,
Today we found what was the towns drinking water source, and found that there is a washer that is no good. We are going to see what we can do to get the pump fixed, then throw a great big party for the whole town when we are done. Stay tuned for an update.


Anonymous said...

Glorious!!! Amazing what love can do! Keep up the good work team!! You are an inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys, Can't wait to join you. Be encouraged we have got you covered. JW