Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Team one on the way home

The first team left for home this morning. As we reflect, it becomes clear that the greatest impact was not the projects that were accomplished, not the home that was bought, not the workers that were hired, but the greatest impact was in the hearts of the people of this beautiful land. They know that God has not forgotten them. that was evedent in the tears that fell as the team left. I pray that the next team will have an equal or even greater impact.
Blessings John


Dave from Qu├ębec said...

We made it home safe
Our hearts are changed and our outlook on life also. I cannot stress enough the importance of going and helping the forgotten people of Kyrgyzstan. Sorry, God hasn't forgotten them! He sent us to remind them of his love!!

npcmensmimistries said...

Great reports of God's awesome adventures He has in store for everyone of us that dare to jump with both feet into His arms. Its incredible to see what willing hearts and hands can do in a land where few even know about let alone care enough to commit numerous days of thier lives to spread the message of our living Christ - you all inspire me - you all are living God's plan,

Blessings Dan B - Norwood