Monday, October 30, 2006

Another Great Day

As I sit here thinking about the events of the day, I can hear Paula and the rest of the team singing in the other room.
We started the day off with a trip to the baby Orphanage for the Ladies and a trip to Auxana's house (Make over project from last year)for the men. It was nice to see her again . we found a few small projects there that we will do on Wed. New roof , New outhouse,and fix the Chimny. The ladies had a great time with the kids.
We met at the amusment park at 12:00 . The kids from 2 village orphanges joined us there. They were so excited. some were shaking with anticipation of the rides, some wold just say to us over and over ICE CREAM, But then there were the ones that ran to us for a hug. The cutest little one there grabed me and said" Uncle John" then just hung on tight. They had some candies ( a great hit...Thank you Nick) a bit of pop, and then had there photo's taken. I could here Moms voice in the back of my head saying Ok already....Let them on the rides...... They all ran with such excitment to the rides. what a blessing to see there faces....No fights, ...No Crying... Polite and well behaved. after several rides I stood there with one little girl there in front of me with my arms around her and her hanging on to me .....Her heart was pounding so fast that I leaned forward to see if she was OK. ...... For many , this was there first time out of there little village.
After Playing on the rides for about 1 1/2 hours, we took them all to a Resteraunt where we had lunch waiting for them, The tables were all set and looked great. Again we marveled at how happy and polite these litle kids were. It was interesting to see how caring the older kids were with the younger ones. We gave out toys to all the kids. They loved the tops that Frank made. Again we have been blessed with the support from those at Crayola. I don't know that they will ever know how much they have blessed the children of Central Asia.
If that was not enough, We stoped at the town orphanage on the way home and found the most incredible transformation since we were here last. New celings , floors, sinks, bathrooms, New beds, beautifull hand made quilts on the beds. Milllbrook,you need to know that your seads fell on good soil! One thing we did notice is that there was no fridge so Paula had some sponcers that she felt would be blessed to take care of that.
Tonight on our way home from the internet cafe' we stoped and watched them make the bread in the big brick ovens. Ron Sam and Ed are off now to XXXXXXX to visit our friends there, we will see them again in a few days. Will right again soon.
Blessings Julie & John


npcmensmimistries said...

Johnny and crew, just stinking awesome, unbelievable work you are doing there, you all amaze me, keep up the great work, and Sharron now you know why you are there, no other blessing like making children smile, none



Greg said...

Norwoodian ambassadors - so proud of you and grateful for what God can do when a group of ordinary people join in the extraordinary work that He is doing across the world. Thinking and praying about you during my day - what a special blessing to see those who have stepped out for the first time making an impact in the lives of these kids! Keep going!

Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you Renee, any new prospects ? send us some photos