Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Following in his Footsteps !

In a small village which stands on the edge of the mountains in Central Asia works a group of men. They follow in the footsteps of the Carpenter's son which you can read about in the Gospels. They are doing what they can to defend the widow and support the hurting, helpless and hopeless. If you didn't know better you would almost swear that you catch a glimpse of Jesus out of the corner of your eye. Hope, joy, and love are visiting that village. The life found in the Carpenter's son is flooding that village.....and like a gentle cool breeze on a hot humid summers day....there is a refreshing taking place that is breaking down walls. Mike Delsemme (picture to left) is just one of the men that are modelling the love and compassion of Jesus...and having the time of his life doing it. In Hollywood right now, they have no idea who Mike is, but in this small village Mike is well known and has celebrity status. The children gather around him so much at certain times it is impossible to work, but Mike just smiles and lets the life of the Carpenter's son shine through him.
So what about you? Why couldn't you be like Mike? Take a chance...live a little...step beyond all the reasons as to why you could not do something like this.
There are lots of young girls 15 years old that are counting on you...actually heaven is counting on you....Jesus, the Carpenter's son is calling you. Will you answer the call? Will you make a difference? There is no greater feeling than celebrity status in a mountainside village...knowing that it is all about making the Carpenter's son known.
It's "GO" time.Passionately Connecting Canadians......helping orphans and the elderly in their distress.....sammyweltenpiwww.possibilitiesinternational.com

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God is good!! Continue with the good work!! Praying and thinking of you!!