Friday, October 06, 2006

Final countdown

Final countdown starts for team one. We will be leaving in three separate groups , two different flights out of Toronto, and one group out of Montreal. Wed. we will all meet in London, and will travel on to Central Asia together from there. With only two weeks, and so much to do, we will hit the ground running.
We will post a journal of the daily events. The team members will have opportunity to introduce themselves. If you wish, you can ask questions or make comments by clicking the comment line below…….stay tuned.

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Dave Du Québec said...

Bonjour Du Québec
Nous quitons pour l'aéroport dans environs 8hrs. Nous courrons pour completer les préparations finales. Nous sommes en hautes vitesse et nous avons hâtes d'oeuvrer avec les fidèls à Totmok

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