Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Rema Rema Rema

As we sat in the morning meeting over breakfast at Rhema's home ... the table full of food ... much of it I had no idea what it might be ... that's another blog ... All those ladies around the table .. most with their handicapped child next to them or on their lap began to share their stories: I was lost and Rhema ... Rhema was there when ... I had given up hope ... Rhema ... My husband left me when I had a disabled child ... but Rhema ... Sam and I sat there as the tears flowed steady and the stories sounded familiar ... Lost hope .. but Reema ... No food .. but Rhema ... I don't believe in God .. but Reema ... I was lost but now ... Reema ... One lady said she had not made a commitment to God but Reema was her greatest blessing ...

Folks I have the feeling that she was saying that if God is anything like Reema then they want to know Him!

Who is Reema? Reema is a woman who through a 7 year journey of her own with the help of God took her from despair and set her on the Rock! Now PI gives her $40 a month ... 20 hours a week ... 50 cents an hour!!! ... she is rescuing woman with disabled children and leading them to Jesus! WOW. I think she needs a raise.

Rhema sends her thanks for the support of those giving to ministry in this country.

I met a genuine saint today!

BTW ... for those who know .. Sam and I were surprised to hear that Rhema is none other than Sister Alfyias MOM! We now see wher Alfyia gets her ministry for the elderly!

OH, one more thing ... a young single mom (her husband left her when they had a challenged child) .. sat there and told us that she is caring for her child, working and going to school for nursing! How much for the school of nursing? $120 per year for two years ... All of you who sent me with extra money for this area have paid for her two years of nursing!! She was in total shock. God is at work. $240 US for a new nurse ... maybe an employee for PI in a couple years .. she wanted nursing so she could care for disabled children! THAT'S WHAT WE ARE TALKING ABOUT!

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hi john and julie thought i would reminise alittle sentimental feeling for tokmok balshoyEd