Saturday, October 21, 2006


Hey there! It's Scott Welten here from the Possibilites International Xtreme Makeover trip in Central Asia, and have I got a blessing for you!

As I'm sure you already know, we have been here for a couple of weeks "making over" some peoples' homes and we have a bit of a dilema. While we were taking care of one of these homes we had a homeless lady and her daughter stay at the house at night, so that nothing would be stolen.
We found the lady at the local dump, living off of the garbage. She and her smallest daughter would burrow into the side of the hill so that they would have a place to live. While they were watching the house the woman and her daughter work harder than I did, making sure that every inch of the house had a new coat of paint and that all of the nails were securely in place.
There was just one problem...after we had finished the makeover, what would happen to this lady? Well, as I'm sure you can imagine, sending her back to the dump didn't sit well with us (especially Dave Gatto). There was only one solution: FIND HER A PLACE TO STAY.
And so, with Faith in our pockets and Angels on every side, Dave and I set out to find her an apartment. We found one for $1000 U.S. Here's the kicker...just before we were about to seal the deal, someone bought it out from underneathe us!
However, Dave and I could not be shaken and were as determined as ever to find this lady a home. And we did.
God showed us the perfect place: a 900 square foot home with a half acre garden in the back complete with chickens and legal fees paid in full for $1925.00 U.S! PRAISE GOD!
Here's what I need: I need anyone and everyone that is willing to take part in this blessing, to give money to buy this lady her house! We as a team have raised $1000 USD for this woman, so what I need now is $925.00! Come on, Givers...GIVE!

God bless you as you take part in this blessing, furthering The Kingdom for the Glory of God!
Scott Welten

P.S: If you would like more information, please contact me at: Also, if you are paying by cheque, make it out to Possibilities International

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