Saturday, October 08, 2005

Your Comments Are Welcome!

Welcome again to the Mission 127 blogspot.
My name is DW and I will be your tour guide.
I am not the DW that appears in the bio.
I am DW brother of JW and brother in law to JW.
Are you confused yet?
Anyway, I invite, or shall I say encourage,
or shall I say BEG for your comments.
To comment, simply click on the "comments" at the bottom of the article.
You can remain anonomous, or you can use your blogger name
(if you are registered)
I hope you enjoy the journey and I hope to be able to keep it up to date
as the trip continues. Amazing technology!
JW will be looking for a cyber cafe with Internet connection and lots of Donkey Feed!


bw said...

Hey DW. This is BW; nephew of DW, son of J & J W. Now who's confused? It's great to read the articles on this blogspot. I'll be keeping my eye on this site for info...

dw said...

Hey BW. I know exactly who you are.
(especially with the hint)I'm glad you stopped in. Fell free to make any comments on any of the articles. I trust that all is well. Blessings on you and RW

Anonymous said...

Hay Bw and Dw this is Jw here with my friend Dw, not the dw thats the brother, but the Dw thats the friend....o ya I guess I am the brother of one of the Dw's as I am not the Jw that is the sisterinlaw,...Now I am confused... anyway great to here from you.. the sight looks great .. thanks big brother..and son.

Anonymous said...

PW here - need I go into the relationship I have with JW,JW BW RW DW and DW? Hi Guys - or is the word "Hey" Holding JW's hand at our final prayer meeting before departure of JW, JW,& DW I remembered back over all the years that that hand was in mine, from the alarmingly small newborn to the strong and steady one I know today. JW and JW - the dynamic duo. Add DW (love the name) and WHAT A TEAM!

MD & SY said...

Hey,DW. We have been thinking and praying of you and the team. We are anxious for you to come back to give us lots of news and mircales from your trip.BW and kids are doing fine but they miss you.Your articles are great on this site.Be strong and Godspeed.!!
May God bless you,
From Head to toe,
Side to side,
And all over!!!!
From MD & SY