Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Report From Our Man on the Street JN

>Well where to start.
>We are just getting ready to go to bed. It is 10:00 pm here 3:00pm for
>you back home. I haven't really slept for over thrity hours and am I tired.
>I tried to email Norma from Holland at an internet cafe in the airport
>and I couldn't remember my right address. The message got through but
>I think that I confused everybody.
>We had a great uneventful flight over from Toronto to Amsterdam, great
>food, quiet flight. The flight from Amsterdam to Kiev was on Ukraine
>International airlines everyone was speaking Russian or Ukrainian and
>it really began to feel like we were a long way from home.
>We arrived at Kiev at 3:30pm Kiev time and E and N are hosting
>the entire team in their home. Tonight we got to experience the Kiev
>subway, ask JW about the rugged hand holds, 200 feet below the
>ground, and very fast trains, the F1 taxi ride and the VW bus
>experieince you can ask the team when they get home for details. You
>should also ask GB about express walkways in the airport.
>We went to the only mall in the Ukraine here in Kiev, it is a shopper's
>paradise. Very high end, Dior, Guess, Givenchi and Vuitton to name a
>few stores, eat your heart out Amy.
>We ate Ukrainian fast food in the food court.
>I had perogies, some filled with meat (not a repeat choice), some
>filled with mushrooms (very good) some filled with cottage cheese and
>blackberries (surprisingly good).
>We saw the central square of the city and it is amazing. What a
>beautiful place.
>We are looking forward to seeing a little bit more of Kiev when we
>return at the end of the trip.
>Please pray for us as we have been told that the amount of luggage that
>we can bring with us from Kiev to the capital city is cut in half. We are
>trying to make arragements so that is not the case. We need some
>divine intervention here.
>We are almost there and are looking forward to the adventure of our lives.
>Keep us in your prayers we are going to need them.
>Everyone is tired, but in very good spirits.

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Anonymous said...

Jw here. I wanted to add that we had a cance to spend the evening also with one of our inturpritors from XXXXXXX . she is a true blessing and a great friend. a gift from God.
will talk soon jw