Sunday, October 23, 2005


All is well here in sunny town. We were able to finish up the second house today. You would not believe the difference. The Old man we helped said that he thinks that he has lived his whole life for this day. he was so excited. I have enclosed a photo of his kitcken now. we tryed to keep the furniture as much as possible set up the same way he had it, but clean.
If you remember the photo of the lady looking over the fence, well look at her now!. And this is nothing compaired to the house.
This last photo is of a young girl in the village orphanage. by the end of the day today she will be cooking inside with running hot and cold water.
Tomorrow we will be heading to the lake village For church and to bring the lap top to the pastor there.
We will keep you posted
Blessings J & J

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