Saturday, October 08, 2005

The Next Act of Kindness

I received this email from a team member. I thought I'd share it with you.
Here it is........................

Oct 11 J and I will be heading for the country in Central Asia , in the Former USSR. We will be traveling with a group of 11. The purpose of our trip is to bring humanitarian aid to this region, and to share the love of Christ through the encouragement of the Christian nationals there. Our original location had to be changed because of political unrest and a concern for our local friends.

While in Central Asia, we will be outfitting a building that will be used as an Orphanage for street kids,and laying the ground work for a project a project we call "While you were out- Central Asian style". The vision is this: we plan to bring local shut in or needy seniors to a house we have there , and get them cleaned up, checked out by our nursing staff, and make a fuss over them. While this is taking place, we will go into theire homes and completely renovate them. The seniors will return to a new home a week later with all new furniture / pots and pans / sheets, etc. The cupboards will be stocked with food and the basic needs will be met. We then plan to hire a home care worker who will spend One day a week at each of the 5 houses. Once a month, we will also have a supply of groceries brought to the homes.

The estimated cost for this part of or trip is $2500 U.S.for one year.
As this is the first trip of this kind, we will be sourcing supplies, and adapting our plans as we go, but are confident that years to come, this type of project will become the norm.

We would appreciate your prayers. Please pray that the bags would make it there, that the seniors would be comfterable with allowing us to help them, and that we would be affective.

Blessings J.

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