Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Is that a banana peel?

Is that a banana peel. What, you thought we wouldnt notice?

Click on the picture and see if you agree.



Anonymous said...

Looks like one to me. Reminds me of another DW who did a classic banana peel flip before my very eyes. Neat picture, good to see them all smiling as I'm sure many hearts are bleeding. I pray that God will guard their hearts and minds. PW

act of kindness said...

You remember that! It was so funny. You always hear about slipping on a banana peel. Well I'm living proof that it happens, and yes they are slippery. Remember the lady threw the banana peel over her shoulder and it landed exactly as I ran by. I hit that peel at 20km/h and yes......banana peels are slippery.
Thanks for the memory PW
P.S. I love you