Sunday, October 23, 2005

Heading to Ukraine

It has been an honour to represent the Norwood. community here in Central Asia. It seems that no mater where we go, the leaders we meet all know of Norwood community and hold them in high regard. It sure makes the way easier for us when the reputation precieds us. Thankyou.
We went to a village on the side of the lake and delivered the lap top computer. Anya asked us to put a bug in your ear... she would love to host a youth missions trip to help with V.B.S. just imagine 1000 Russian /Central Asian children.
It is now 10:30 pm and in a few hours we will be getting up to leave for the Ucrain. We will be using $1000.00 of the project money to bless the folks there with a project out at the new summer camp/orphanage, and also plan to visit one of the new church plants.
This trip we have been so many places and touched so many people, it realy is unbelievable what God has done through the team. I don't remember so many raw nearvs being exposed on an on going basis.
Captain Yang is an amazing man with an incredible vision for the region. I think he would be a good one to call your friend
Will write again from ukrain.
Blessings John and Julie.

p.s. Ron after YOU bought Gena his new colour tv, he said that now sweetness has been brought to his life. and when his house was done, he said that he believed that his whole life has been lived for this moment

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