Friday, October 14, 2005

A picture is worth a thousand words

The picture says it all!

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Do you believe that you can, genuinely, change someone's life? In the region where we are serving, most seniors live on $30 per month or less. They are not starving to death, but they are slowly dying, day after day, in their apartments. They can't buy enough for a healthy diet, nor can they buy essential goods for normal life.

Our miracle-workers (like Lena in Central Asia) deliver food, medicine and other basic necessities to desperate seniors on a regular basis. Last year in Central Asia alone, we provided food and other goods to over 100 seniors, not just once, but each of them received regular assistance for over three months!

Almost every time our workers begin to help an elderly person, they are met with surprise and questions about their motives (many seniors believe we want their apartments when they die, in exchange for our help!). Tears and prayers always follow after the seniors realize that it is genuinely and simply done because of love.

my 2 cents.......................Thank you loadsoflove. Thankyou missions 127 team.


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