Saturday, October 08, 2005

Back Drop and Overview

I have some freinds that heard about some incredible needs in former Soviet Republic. They saved up their dough and appealed to their freinds and families to help out. Together they raised enough money to go and have an impact.

The work they did had a very big impact on the lives of some very marginalized people. They quietly displayed the face of Christ to a hurting people; serving them, helping them, loving them, caring for them. The impact was so great they knew they needed to return.

Return they did! Again and again they returned, transforming this neglected place and people, into a place with hope.

The amount of money, goods and services they raised is mind boggling.
This act of kindness is not only a blessing to those receiving the kindness, but also and equally as profound to those giving.

As I have watched as a quiet observer, I have noted the blessings that have been poured out on the givers. I am also astounded at the fact that these givers are spread out geographically and seperated by 100's of miles. These acts of kindness make these 100's of miles seem like next door, as they are joined at the heart. The heart is Gods Love and Grace. The blessings that are found there are like living water. When we follow Gods law of loving each other, the blessings multiply and reverberate in all directions.

I need to close for now, but if you dont mind, I'd like to offer up a cyber prayer.

Dear God. Thank You for convicting the hearts of these kind and brave people. Lord, I thank You that they are bearing Your fruit. I pray Lord that You would continue to bless and keep them as they perform acts of kindness in Your creation. Lord I thank You for the 100's of people spread over 100's of miles that support this venture with prayer, money, time, and talents. Lord they do this for You because You are great. You are just. You are mighty. You are loving. You are faithful. You are God and we bow before You with thanksgiving. In Jesus name we pray. amen

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